Monday, June 06, 2005

Latest 'Work'

Here are some recent spinning shots. I've been having fun. Last night the wonderfun JT (hubby) and I spent some companionable time in our 'parents retreat' The house has a kind of whole wing for parents. Our bedroom, walk in wardrobe , a study and a bathroom are all in the same part of the house and can be closedoff from the rest of the house if you like. Recently we decided to fix up the study so that we could spend time in there together in the evening. So my knitting and spinning things are in one corner with a comfy chair and the computer and officey things are in another and our books are in another. It has a library-like cosy, haven feel about it in the evening and is a sunny, light filled knitting and blogging getaway in the day when the girls are sleeping (like now-JOY!) . So a typical evening at our joint sees JT reading the news online (and playing solitaire) and I spin, read, knit.. whatever and we listen to our favorite radio programs thru the computer 'audio on demand' Its great!! And I have been productive.

In the shot above you can see my hilarious Moet and Chandon crate turned into a lazy kate. Another hillarious lazy cate is the telephone base station arial. Necessity is the mother of invention. I have theis cute cute cute new wheel. A tiny upright, double drive band Teko Teko wheel - Its old and not made anymore supposedly and the bobbins are too long to fit into either of my lazy kates wouldn't you know it!! The phone worked a treat.

I was plying the yarn u see on the bobbin which I was pretty happy with. It was the silver merino sliver that I carded with bombyx silk last Tuesday at the tiny spinning group, plied with some recycled denim thread taht I bought at Bathurst when I went in April with Donni. I kind of held onto the denim as I plied and let the merino/silk wrap around it its like a boucle. Looks good. I'm hoping to get better though I'm still not that even. I dont mind slubby but I want controlled slubs not just slubs because I'm hopeless. ...yeah yeah bet you've heard it all before from the beginner spinner.

The other shot - oh yep i'm such a good photographer - not! Is four recent yarns and the classics section of our library (ha) The hank is alpaca- of whata disgustingly dirty animal that was. Miraculously its a honey colour after washing . Going to make an umbilical hat for the girl who gave me the sliver. More news on the other yarns soon. I can hear Gemma id awake poor lamb she has a yukky cold and need s cuddles and a nose wipe...

What a lovely sunny day it is here today.