Tuesday, April 19, 2005

WIP Disasters

ARGGHH!! All my works in progress have stalled. I am happy with nothing. Nothing I am knitting is right. Nothing I am sewing is working. Yuk Yuk Yuk. It comes on the back of a week or two where I was happy with everything. It is the swing between the extremes that is exhausting. So in an attempt to out-fox this jinx I am going to name the culprits. I can't bring myself to photograph any of them. You won't see them till they're fixed and brilliant.

Problem One (knitting)- Umbilical Hat
I am knitting this from yarn that I spun myself - I am a beginner spinner. I was very happy with this yarn it is a wool and silk blend and the first I have plied with itself since I began, it is nice and even and the colour is great however, it is too thick for the needle size...the hat will weight 2kgs and stand up on its own so it will have to be undone and I will persevere with larger needles.
Problem Two (knitting)- Umbilical Hat II
Wrong size needles for the yarn have resulted in floppy hat - too floppy for newborn niece. Yep will have to undo it or run some rows of hat elastic around the inside when I find out how big her head is.
Problem Three (knitting)- Intarsia Heart Vest
Rowan All Seasons Cotton. Knits up beautifully. It shouldn't be that hard but I'm new to intarsia and I did lose interest towards the top of the heart so I have loose ends on the back and lumpy bits where I have joined in yarn eeek!!!!!!!
Problem Four (sewing) - Fish Transfers
Have used transfer paper on some fabric. I'm attempting to make a wall hanging using pictures of Louise's painted fish. It just looks wrong and do you think that I can make the binding go on properly even though I have done it a million times?? NO!!! Give up or go on valiantly?? A late newborn pressie!
Problem Five (sewing) - Chenille
Trying to chenille something to go with the fish theme and its just not coming to me even though I've cut up the fabric in readiness - what a mess!! And the test I did didn't puff up very well - not enough fabric. I just want to bin it! I think its because I'm using fabrics I don’t like much but they go with the fish....Another late new born pressie...

Now I have all that off my chest I may be able to proceed!!! I have two other newborn pressies not even attempted yet!! Not to mention all the other pressies queuing up. I was most happy with the spinning and dyed some alpaca sliver with raspberry jelly yesterday (that did work a treat!!) so I think I better go back to it and return to the others later!