Friday, April 29, 2005

The Stripey Tiger - A Nanna Knit

The little stripey tiger's clothes.

When I was a tiny thing I wore a jumper not unlike this one knit by my Nanna. It was brown and yellow or orange and black or some such combo. I dont remember it. Because they lived in the heart of Balmain Tigers (A Sydney suburb - in Australia) rugby league country (one of our codes of footy) at the time they all thought I looked like a little tiger and the name stuck. My Mum and Dad are the only ones who use this name. In fact they rarely call me by my real name! I am tige (with a long 'i' sound) the little tigg and just plain tiger . It goes like this :
Ring Ring!
Me - " Hi Mum its me"
Mum - " Oh Hi Tige"
Dad (in the background)- "Who is it?"
Mum - "Its The little Tig"
and so on ....

They never called me stripey but there's no doubt I have them.